list of technologies in Health Cosmetology

Health Cosmetology

Health is a major issue in the Global South and public health has become a priority focus for many of these countries. Interaction between local governments and International Solidarity Organisations, NGOs and public and private foundations makes this a complex sphere with vital economic issues.

Countries in the Global South are essential partners for expansion in the cosmetics markets. Firstly, their economic growth guarantees higher demand for new cosmetic products suited to local needs, and secondly, the wealth and diversity of their biological resources make them vital allies for the development of new formulas based on natural active ingredients.

  • Detoxifying properties of rosmarinic acid in the treatment of ciguatera
  • Detection and identification of mycobacteria for health purpose
  • New arylaminoalcohol derivates with antiplasmodial activity
  • New inhibitors of the proline racemase, for treatment against Chagas disease and other diseases involving the proline racemase
  • Rapid test measuring human exposure to mosquito bites vectors of malaria and arboviruses
  • Sterile insect technique (SIT) against Aedes Albopictus, vector of Chikungunya and Dengue in the west of Indian Ocean
  • Amino acid screening test in L or D conformation
  • Use of Aprotinin for the treatment of parasitic diseases and prognosis of bovine trypanotolerance