The CIRAD (International Centre for Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development) is the French organisation of agronomic research and international cooperation for the sustainable development of tropical regions and the Mediterranean.

Its activities are the responsibility of the life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences applied to agriculture, food and the environment and to land-use management. It works around major themes such as food security, climate change, managing natural resources, reducing inequality and combating poverty.

The CIRAD has a network of partners on three continents and regional directorates, from which it works with more than 100 countries. Its long-term partnership is structured by research and teaching partnerships (dP) grouping 200 institutions of the Southern countries, which 200 of its researchers are assigned to (50% in Africa, 25% in Asia and 25% in South America).

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The Innovation and Development Delegation, based in Montpellier, is the partner service of the CVT.