Our Mission

Created by the French State in the category of a theme-based technology transfer consortium (CVT) of the Future Investment Programme (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir), the CVT Valorisation Sud is a national consortium dedicated to the transfer of technology to Southern countries.

Operational since the end of 2013, it is based in Marseille.

Acting on the development mandate conferred to it with its founding members and the various entities of the national ecosystem of public research and innovation (research organisations, universities, technology transfer acceleration companies (SATTs), subsidiaries, specialist associations, etc.), it is used to structure and boost the transfer of technology and know-how from French academic research in the direction of socio-economic actors and markets in Southern countries. It has another, more upstream mission, to contribute to the strengthening of the development capacities of universities in tropical French overseas territories.

Too often seen as risky and far removed from international technology transfer standards, the emerging and developing countries of the regions of the intertropical zone contain the drivers of growth and sustainable development of tomorrow, in particular in Africa.

The CVT Valorisation Sud specifically addresses socio-economic actors in the South and North interested in these countries and regions, ensuring, by various means, the promotion and marketing of the technology offers mandated to it. It conducts extensive commercial prospecting with actors from the markets (major groups, SMEs, start-ups, social enterprises, cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, etc.), up to the conclusion of transfer contracts.

Whether it is successful, deferred or unrealised, each transfer project to the South has its own story.



Services We Offer

The CVT Valorisation Sud team offers a diverse range of services to its founding members and to all of its partners:

  • • easy access to the portfolio of technological assets under the development mandate,
  • • marketing and promotion of technology offers to Southern markets,
  • • commercial prospecting and conducting of tailor-made flash studies (tests on offer),
  • • support with assembling co-maturation files, search for funding,
  • • commercial negotiation until the preparation of the final draft of the transfer contract (patent licence, know-how licence, sales provision, etc.),
  • • support for young innovative companies specifically addressing Southern markets.


Steering Committee

The steering committee (StCo) is the decision-making and arbitration body of the Consortium. It meets at least once a year and in particular deliberates on the following objects:

  • • the Consortium’s activity plan proposed by the Director of the Consortium;
  • • the approval of the Consortium’s operating budget on the proposal of the Operational Committee, and the contributions of Members;
  • • the Consortium’s Communications Policy and external representation;
  • • settling disputes;
  • • the assessment of the Consortium’s organisation, functioning and results and the methods used to implement this assessment.

The Steering Committee comprises representatives of the founding members of the CVT, which are distributed across 2 boards. The CPU, associate member, is also based there.

A representative of the Ministry of Research and a representative of the Ministry of the Economy are based there as permanent guests.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee is elected for two (2) years renewable, by and from among the members of the Steering Committee. A Vice-President is elected according to the same terms and for the same period.



Responsible for running and the correct functioning of the Consortium, the Director implements the decisions of the Steering Committee and manages under its control all the means available to the CVT.

He leads the team, he is accountable to the Steering Committee for the CVT’s activities and proposes the structure’s budgets and activity plans for validation.

The Director is recruited and employed by the Support Establishment (the IRD) on behalf of Members.


The life blood of the CVT, entirely based in Marseille in the dedicated service offices, is the operational team comprising 9 members of staff:

  • • Stéphane Raud, Director;
  • • Stéphanie Salles, Communication & Executive Assistant;
  • • Sylvain Robert, Development and General Affairs Manager;
  • • Serge Duc, Operations & Business Manager, Marine Technologies Business Developer;
  • • Jean-François Biela, Agriculture, Education & Culture Business Developer;
  • • Adrien Favreau, Agri-Food & Nutrition Business Developer;
  • • Lionel Trouilleux, Senior Business Developer of Energy, Engineering and the Environment (soil);
  • • Amelia Tulacz, Software & Digital, Water & Environment Business Developer;
  • • Vanessa Zepponi, Health & Cosmetology Business Developer.