University of New Caledonia

The University of New Caledonia (UNC) is a multidisciplinary University present in New Caledonia since its creation in 1987 under the name the French University of the Pacific, in reference to the single entity then constituted with French Polynesia. In 1999, it became autonomous in respect of French Polynesia and became the University of New Caledonia.

As a main actor in Higher Education and Research, the UNC is a tool for development, construction and rebalancing at the service of New Caledonia. With a unique constitutional legitimacy from the Noumea Accord, the University “must meet the training and research needs specific to New Caledonia” (Article 4.1.1). Thus, it’s ambition is to support the country’s developments in the field of training, scientific research and contribute to its regional integration.

The research work at the UNC has a main focus: “Development and support of changes to the physical and living, social and institutional diversities of New Caledonia”. Fully in line with the goals of the Caledonian research, higher education and innovation consortium (CRESICA), the man theme of the research at the UNC combines different disciplines around the central problem of New Caledonian environments in the Pacific region: the human environment, social environment and natural environment.

The Vice-President of the academic council in charge of research is the correspondent of the CVT, with the support of a mission head.