Technology offer : Low energy-consuming microbial electrosynthesis by synchronized coupling of a bioanode to a biocathode

Technology's description


          This innovation is related to a unique strategy to operate in a sustainable way a bioelectrochemical system (BES) made of a bioanode coupled with a biocathode. This design opens up opportunities to produce, in an energy efficient way, organic molecules of interest such as biochemical and biofuels from biodegradable wastes.

Description & advantages: as a feed material, organic wastes (wastewaters or process effluents) are actually providing energy to electroactive bacteria and makes it possible for the BES device to produce a variety of “platform molecules” (green biobased chemicals) for a wide range of applications in the chemical, biotechnological, material, pharmaceutical or biofuel industries.

           By playing on a number of catalytic parameters, the advantage of this creative BES design is to allow an effective synchronization between the residual organic matter oxidation rate at the anode and the electrosynthesis kinetic at the cathode. This is achieved thanks to the stabilization and coordination of the bioelectro-activities between the two bioelectrodes. The result is a stable and continuous BES (production) process without oxidation breakdown.


  • Performances: the biocathode process exhibits a decreased electrical consumption (low current density catalysis).
  • Operations : a long-term stable and continuous production of chemicals or fuels at the biocathode, a route towards industrialization.
  • Compatibility with most of biodegradable hydrolysates: BES system integration into many kinds of organic or biomass wastes & effluents.
  • Microbial selection and inoculation of wastewaters & industrial effluents: adding value & adding flexibility for many types of organic waste & effluent.
  • Local production of molecules: input material savings.
Ref : OT-00101


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Industrial applications

  • Electrodialyse & advanced electrolytic systems; wastes, wastewaters, effluents treatment or reuse; anaerobic digestion processes; green chemistry, drugs, biofuels, bio-engineering; biorefinary; environmental biotechnology.

Intellectual property

  • Patent PCT/FR2015/052585

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