Technology offer : Small & mid-scale autonomous solar brackish water desalination & water treatment process for remote areas

Technology's description

Small & mid-scale autonomous solar brackish water desalinisation & water treatment process using a thermo-hydraulic osmotic device for remote areas.

The technology proposed here is producing soft water from any brackish water ((less than 10 g/l), contaminated water as well as waste-water using low-grade solar thermal energy. The device is using a heat-driven thermo-hydraulic technology coupled with a reverse osmotic membrane and simple flat-plate solar collectors delivering low temperature heat (less than 100C). Such a system is able to produce up to 100 m3 of soft water per day. This self-controlled and reliable device runs autonomously without electricity need and without man intervention.

This technology is a good fit to produce soft and drinking-water for rural and isolated communities and farms, as well as water irrigation wherever brackish water or waste-water are available. Also, using the clean natural solar energy resource, the pollution that causes global warming will be very significantly reduced.

Many regions in the world face daunting water resource challenges, the soft water is scarce and difficult to produce locally. As well it can be contaminated by water-borne diseases. Soft water processing plants are not economically viable in many remote areas, even near a coast where seawater is abundant. Many such areas often also experience a shortage of fossil fuels and an inadequate electricity or energy supply. The development of small or mid-scale systems for brackish water desalination or water treatment using renewable energy is imperative for the population. In the case of desalination, brackish water like underground or inland saline waters are available in coastal, rock salt and salt lakes areas.


  • Entirely autonomous, small scale, off-grid and self-regulated system,
  • Ideal for remote and sunny locations,
  • High reliability, no performance deterioration over time,
  • Robust design using regular hydraulic components, without high pressure pumps,
  • Operations: very low costs, very limited maintenance, no consumables nor logistics & totally silent technology,
  • Environmental friendly: materials used are natural and easily recyclable, no release of polluting gases, no impact on the ozone layer or global warming,
  • No fuel nor electricity consumption,
  • Health: protection against water-borne diseases.
Ref : OT-00102


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Industrial applications

  • Brackish water, waste-water; reuse water treatment; water decontamination; water purifier; Remote soft water production: domestic, farming, agriculture & irrigation.

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