Technology offer : The educational suitcase "CHEVREFEUILLE": " Would you know how to keep your flock and your trees ?"

Technology's description

The educational suitcase "Chèvrefeuille" is a tool of raising awareness to the sustainable development which is inspired by a concrete experience of forest management in the Moroccan High Atlas. It consists of a collaborative board game having for basis a reasoned forest management.

In a small valley, several families try to manage the everyday life as much as they can by caring of the flocks which assure their survival (milk, meat …) by feeding them with tree leaves  as rummage (the dimorphous ash tree), a local species which is also a resource of firewood and construction material. To win, the participants have to find (individually or collectively) answer to the following question: 

" How to feed and grow the flock, while protecting durably the capital of food which represents the trees of the game ? "

"Chèvrefeuille" broach themes like scientific researches about the  environment and nature interractions relations, as more general themes giving the player the ability of a wider educational exploitation of the nature, the forest, the traditional companies (societies), etc..

This suitcase includes a board game in two versions of complexity levels, a 26 minutes documentary (french) and secondary media which can feed debates and discussions.


· Transverse educational themes: geography (localization, cultural and environmental context, climate, reading of landscape on photos), Projection and anticipation (management of time, forecast of purchases and expenses), Cooperation (casting of roles, collective decisions, mutualization of the resources, votes and negotiations), Calculation (addition, division)

· Sensitization to the sustainable development scientifically true

· Game designed by scientists and game experts

· Target every public from 8 years

· 2 available complexity levels according to profile of the players

Ref : OT-00103

Area of activity : HUMAN SCIENCES

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Industrial applications

  • Beneficiaries: middle schools, high schools, general public, Associations and institutions of sensitization to environment, sustainable development, integrated farm management, agroecology and agroforestry.

Intellectual property

  • Copyright, trade, designs & models

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