Technology offer : Horticultural pot made from seaweed

Technology's description

Bio-sourced materials represents an important opportunity for the horticultural sector and more spécifically for fertilization purpose.

This innovation is about new biodegradable materials made from seaweed, able to deal with plastic issues and fertilization intakes. The technology patented by the Rennes university and CEVA (Center for study and promotion of algae) provides more inputs than tradtional horticultural pots thanks to its components (végetal fiber and algae).

This material provides more nutrients (Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphur) and a better inputs' absorption.

The vegetal fiber and algae conception, with seaweed pot allow strong roots that can spread through the pot and the nitrogen charge is also better compared to other fertilizers. 


  • Biodegradable material
  • Material from sustainable
  • and important resource
  • Direct fertilization by the support
  • Growth stimulation and plants' defense reinforcement
  • Inputs limitation after planting step
  • Reduce tranplant stresses
  • Eco friendly
Ref : OT-00104

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Horticultural sector Bio-sourced and ecological materials Tree nurseries Soil fertilization

Intellectual property

  • Patented technology N°FR2927899 et EP2096093

Technology transfer

  • Know-how
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