Technology offer : Method & tilting device for determining friction force at ground-geosynthetic interfaces

Technology's description

This invention combines a specific device with a calculation method to determine the frictional characteristics of geotextiles and geomembranes at the interface of ground surfaces S. The measurements are performed on any geosynthetic materials (G surface) under both static & kinematic situations, using a tilted device. 

The process uses a pre-coiled spring to hold in place a box that rests on a tilting support and allows a weight to be exerted on each touching surface (S-G or G-G) positioned one on top of the other on the inclined plane.

Consequently, the device can determine the frictional characteristics of several interface configurations such as ground-geosynthetic surfaces (S-G) or geosynthetic-geosynthetic (G-G) surfaces. For example, in the case of multilayer geosynthetics configurations, the weak sliding layer can be identified and its resistance can be quantified.

A two steps procedure is applied for one measurement: 1- pre-tension in the spring (small inclination of the plane) and measurement of the retention force of the box. 2 - Determination of the frictional force at the interface between the two surfaces. The advantage is that this process allows to measure the frictional parameters at the initial sliding time as well as during the sliding movement. Hence, the frictional value (frictional angle) can be determined at controlled speed during the sliding process. The sliding speed can be induced and controlled with the inclination speed, allowing the determination of the frictional parameter(s) as a function of the effective sliding speed. During "stick-slip" situations, the high and low resistance values can be quantified as well.


This technology offers the following benefits & possible applications:

  • A powerful measurement tool: a unique ability to characterize and test the geosynthetic materials behavior in real (sloped ground) situations, including "stick-slip" situations,
  • Value addition:  a valuable tool to support the development of new & appropriate geosynthetic customized or multilayer reinforced materials,
  • A demanding methodology: a comprehensive sliding risk assessment for dimensioning the engineering structures, while securing the geosynthetic material compliance with respect to the current norms,
  • Modularity & flexibility: an easy integration into an inclined plan measurement system,
  • User-friendly: a device extremely easy to operate. 
Ref : OT-00105


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Industrial applications

  • Geosynthetic materials development & control instrument. Characterization of geosynthetic material & behavior evaluation on sloping surfaces for: civil engineering (dams, roads) & buildings fondations, rooftop farming & gardens; transportation infrastructures and their dimensioning.

Intellectual property

  • EP 2 677 298 & FR 2 992 424

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