Technology offer : SOLARBEAM: solar device to produce heat to feed industrial processes or for storage purpose

Technology's description

This innovation called "SOLARBEAM" stems from "RAPSODEE, one of the French Mine Schools laboratory based in Albi, south of France. It consists in a solar beam collector device associating a parabolic heliostat with a plane mirror sensibly configured "beam-down" (with both horizontal and vertical geometries). Consequently, the device offers a concentration of the intense and free solar heat energy very close to a receptor (hot point of use) which is located underneath. Furthermore for specific thermal needs, an over-concentrating device can be added without any compromise: temperatures over 500 C and thermal powers of 20 kW can easily be produced and exploited.

The advantages of such settings and optical choices are numerous: on one hand, they allow a flexible sizing of the installation: the foot-print and height of the system are extremely reduced with respect to solar towers and solar furnaces. With this proposed horizontal, compact and beam-down settings, the device can settle down on the roofs of buildings, factories or sheds and the hot spot can actually be used indoor. On the other hand, this single or double solar concentration which is directed vertically inside the building, adapts itself to numerous energy-consuming industrial processes. In every possible situations, the installation is made easy and a wide variety of use is made accessible from now on.

Finally, this type of optical configuration and installation minimizes the risk to be exposed to the focused beam. Indeed, the set-up is isolated on one side (rooftop) and is located directly above the point of use (hot-spot) on the indoor side. Both aspects allow to guarantee a confinement of the beam on the receptor. The recovered solar energy can be directly used to feed an industrial process and/or be stored by the industry, including off-grid areas.


  • Solar energy recovery & fossil energy savings;
  • Energy independence, including "off-grid" process feeding;
  • Optimized design: horizontal / vertical", rooftop installation & indoor use of the hot-spot; 
  • Flexibility: adaptation to a wide variety of industrial processes;
  • Flexibility: adaptation to many building configurations;
  • Small foot-print & ease of installation;
  • Increased safety.
Ref : OT-00111


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Industrial applications

  • Industrial process: pyrolysis; pyrogasification; industrial & agriculture drying; chemical industries; process pre-heating; thermal shield testing. Transformation industries & energy production; biomass transformation; thermal energy storage.

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