Technology offer : Apparatus for soft and deformable material sampling

Technology's description

This innovation developed by IRSTEA consists in a specific tool designed to cut cylindrical samples from soft and / or deformable materials and withdraw them for subsequent analysis and tests. 

This tool is made of a long cylinder (see picture) terminated with a dedicated circular cutting blade. This design makes it convenient to cut deeply in a pile and make sure the sample is representative of it. The cutting process is effortless with an easy extraction of the sample.

These performances are optimized for soft, deformable and multilayer materials such as plastic stalks (wasted agriculture films) as well as saw dust, wood chips, fabric, rubber stacks and so on. All the soft and / or deformable materials that are likely to be incompatible with most of existing cutting tools can be considered.

The tool is easily fitted onto the chuck of any regular hand-operated electric drill, thus making it convenient in dumping land fields, waste treatment centers or any other on-site usage.


  • Repreventative sampling : the sample is cut and extrated deeply in a pile ;
  • Performances : convenient cut of soft and deformable materials ; 
  • Field-proven : hand-held, wireless and logistic free ; 
  • Productivity : fast and easy sampling process, low energy operating consumption.
Ref : OT-00125


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Industrial applications

  • Sampling of plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, fabric, saw dust piles and so on. Analysis & tests, quality control. Analytical laboratories, recycling industries, waste management, waste-sorting centers, waste incineration. Alternative fuel industries (cement kilns).

Intellectual property

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