Technology offer : New process to partially deodorize noni juice (Morinda citrifolia)

Technology's description

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a bush of the family of rubiaceae, native from the Pacific region. It is today produced in Polynesia, India, South East Asia and tropical and equatorial America. Numerous scientific publications describe noni chemical and biological properties, especially its antioxidant activity and anti inflammatory effects.

In the traditional process, juice is aged during several weeks and water is added, two actions damaging the functional properties and the taste of the product.

The new patented process allows the production of noni juice by pressing after an enzymatic treatment , which avoids the ageing step and the adding of water. The so obtained juice is clearer with better taste and smell, thanks to the removing of the responsible aromatic components. Heat treatment to stabilize the product, such as pasteurization, is not necessary thanks to the use of membrane separation technologies. This technique preserves the entire potential of antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.


  • Suitable for Organic certified products
  • Reduction of the unpleasant smell and bitter taste
  • Shorter production process without ageing step
  • Conservation of the chemical and biological properties of the fresh fruit
  • Energy saving: Biological stabilization without heat treatment
  • Golden color and transparence of the final juice, lower viscosity than the traditional juice
Ref : OT-00013

Area of activity : FOOD

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Industrial applications

  • Production of fruit juices and intermediary products based on fruit.

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  • Patented technology

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