Technology offer : APPPEL: Artificial bait for pelagic longline fishing

Technology's description

APARE is a plastic mould reusable which contains an attractant made from fish solid by-products, in order to catch preferably target species such as thuna or swordfish.

The system can be particularly used for pelagic longline fishing and aims at limitating bait losses. Thanks to APARE,  no more need to look for extern provider of baits, while it  reducts the ecological impact of fishing on the pelagic ecosystem.

The artificial bait is made up of a biodegradable and flexible container tapped to allow the diffusion of the pulp obtained from fish solid  by products. Around 50% of the fish solid by-products (head...) could be converted in pulp directly on the boat.


  • Add value to both fishery catches and by products
  • Reduce catch of protected and non targeted species ( juveniles, seaturtles, sharks, birds )
  • Improve gear efficiency (reduce bait lost during soak time)
  • Avoid baits out of stocks (small scale fishery)
  • Reduce the bait part in the exploitation cost
Ref : OT-00019

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • small scale, semi-industrial and industrial pelagic longline fisheries.

Intellectual property

  • Patented technology

Technology transfer

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