Technology offer : Candidate proteins for the diagnosis of Chagas disease

Technology's description

Proteins secreted by parasites Trypanosomatidae family plays a major role in the infection and in the modulation of the immune response of the host.
One of these proteins has proven immunogenicity and was well recognized by the serum of patients with Chagas disease.
This identified protein, protected by a patent, is a candidate for a new diagnostic tool for Chagas disease.


  • Screening for Chagas disease, a marker of "healing" or post-treatment monitoring (secreeted proteins weekely expressed)
  • Possibility to use this protein in a diagnostic strip: rapid, simple and low cost test
Ref : OT-00026

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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Industrial applications

  • Diagnostic and screening for Chagas disease

Intellectual property

  • Protected by a Patent

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