Technology offer : Method for neonatal serologic diagnostic

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The biological diagnosis of certain vertically transmitted diseases in the new born is particularly difficult when the available methods of antigen detection are not reliable. Indeed, serological tests cannot be carried out in new born due to the presence, up to the age of 6 months, of maternal antibodies transmitted during pregnancy, which prevents assessment of the proportion of antibodies generated by the child. Preventive treatments in child are often toxic and with undesirable effects. The present invention refers to a method for differentially detecting and quantifying in the neonate’s plasma, the immunoglobulins of the mother and those from the child. This technique is based on a Mass Spectrometry analysis of IgG isolates from newborn blood samples. This technology is currently developed for toxoplasmosis but is adaptable to diagnose all vertically transmitted infection (cytomegalovirus, chagas disease, bacterial infections).


  • Adaptable to all vertically transmitted infection
  • Reliable new born diagnostic
  • Optimization of new born treatment
  • No concurrent methods
Ref : OT-00028

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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