Technology offer : Striga's biocontrol and culture growth improvement

Technology's description

Striga is a parasitic plant that has damaged many cultures in Africa and Southeast Asia. Thanks to its reproductive system, it has the ability to bloom again every year and destroys large volumes of cultures.

Our technology designed based on termite nest powder. It leverages the effects of microorganism which stimulate soil biological interactions and eliminate pathogens.

Cultures are better protected, soils more fertile and yield crops enhanced.


  • Adaptable to many kind of cultures
  • Process with a curative and preventive impact on the treatment of the parasite
  • Crop enhancement
  • Economical raw material
  • Environmental friendly
Ref : OT-00003

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Crop enhancement, plant pest control

Intellectual property

  • This technology is protected by a patent

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
  • Know-how
  • License


Jean-François BIELA
Business developer
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