Technology offer : Biosynthesis of cinnamoyl amide derivatives of amino acids

Technology's description

IRD teams developed a bioprocess allowing the synthesis of N-cinnamoyl amids, from cinnamic-acid and amino-acids, thanks to a bacteria and its production of extracellular enzyme.

Cinnamoyl amids have been isolated from plants such as coffee or cocoa where they are present in low concentration. Litterature refers particularly to the antioxydant and antimicrobial activities of this molecule family. Chemical synthesis is possible but complex and costly as it needs four steps minimum, when the IRD technology allows to get the coumpounds in only one direct step.


  • Synthesis in one step whereas chemical process needs four step minimum
  • "Green" technology since it uses biological synthesis
  • Easily adaptable to industry since the process uses classical techniques of biotechnology
Ref : OT-00033

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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Industrial applications

  • Development of pharmaceutical or cosmetic active compounds

Intellectual property

  • Patented technology

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
  • Know-how
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