Technology offer : New molecule with antiparasitic and antiviral effect

Technology's description

This invention relates to the use of a family of molecules, quinolines substituted in 2, and derivatives thereof, for treating infections caused by parasites (leishmaniasis, Chagas' disease) or co-infections with retroviruses.


  • These molecules are orally effective on infected mice.
  • Some molecules are equally effective or more than the reference drugs.
  • Low toxicity on animals.
  • The chemical structure of these molecules is simple, which make possible the synthesis on a larger scale. It is possible to obtain these molecules as crystals (patented process).
  • Possibility of obtaining a new kind of metabolites, and thus new derivatives, by an original process.
Ref : OT-00034

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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Industrial applications

  • Treatment of human visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis. Treatment of canine leishmaniasis. Therapeutic approaches retroviral infections.

Intellectual property

  • This technology is protected by 3 patents

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
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