Technology offer : Vaccine against bubonic and pneumonic plague

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Plague is still a public health problem in the world and is considers as a re-emerging disease. Yersinia pestis the causative agent is also consider as a potential biological weapon, but no efficient vaccine is available.

The pneumonic plague is considered at high risks to initiate outbreaks. Antibiotic treatment is not sufficient to control plague, and resistant strains have recently emerged. The residual plague mortality in endemic countries remains around 10 %.

Researchers from the Pasteur Institute are developing an oral delivery vaccine, based on a live attenuated Y.pseudotuberculosis expressing important antigenic Y.pestis peptides. Recent study using this vaccine shows 100% protection against bubonic and pneumonic plague in mice with a single dose. Preliminary humoral and cellular response has been successfully observed.


  • Efficiently prevention of a re-emerging disease and a potential bioterrorist weapon
  • Currently no safe and efficient vaccine
  • Induce systemic and mucosal immunity
  •  Rapid and low production cost
  •  Live vaccines: donít need adjuvant, prolonged stimulation of the immune system.
  •  The research unit is a WHO collaborating center on plague
Ref : OT-00035

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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  • Vaccine against bubonic and pneumonic plague

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