Technology offer : Use of medicinal or aromatic plants for enhanced arboriculture

Technology's description

Looking toward the optimization of mediterranean forest systems, IRD and CIRAD have discovered an innovative method to stimulate mycorrhizal symbiosis of fruit and forest trees.

This co-culture based technology, uses medicinal or aromatic plants (from Lamiaceae family) to improve the growth of the chosen tree variety.

After a pre-culture phase of the "nurse" plant in a given soil, the target species is introduced in this soil. Several months later, the root system of the target plant has seen its mycorrizha development improved and the plant growth is consequently faster.


  • Fosters the growth of forest, fruit and nursery trees
  • Reduces mortality and improves the quality of the target plants and its fruits
  • The aromatic or medicinal plant can generate an economical benefit after the pre-culture stage
  • A broad spectrum of "nurse" plants can be used 
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Environmental friendly
Ref : OT-00038

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Nursery, Silviculture, Agroforestry,Horticulture

Intellectual property

  • This technology is protected by a patent

Technology transfer

  • Know-how


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