Technology offer : Varietal identification of coffee by molecular markers

Technology's description

The current strategy to discriminate coffee varieties by molecular markers are based on sequences mutations using elements such as SSR or SNP.

However, the discrimination efficiency of these markers regarding the differenciation between varieties or clones is limited, since a lot of datas must be generated, wich leads to additional costs.

IRD team suggests an innovative solution, simpler, more efficient and cheapest, using a single kind of markers: transposable elements, or active retrotransposons-LTR.

The marker Clem2 was identified for its simplicity to be detected all along the production cycle of coffee: it is transcripted independently from external factors and at all the stages of the plant development in all tissues or organes.


  • Retrotransposons allow a global view of numerous insertion spread within the whole genome, in coding and non-coding sections.
  • Using of a single and unique marker for a differenciation at all level: less experimentations costs
  • Clem2 is particularly efficient thanks to its transcriptional activity independant from the development stage of the plant and the localisation in tissue and organs
  • Retrotransposons are found in all kind of vegetal making of this technique a solution for other species.
Ref : OT-00040

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Varietal selection of coffee; Quality control and traçability of comercial coffee.

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