Technology offer : Detoxifying properties of rosmarinic acid for the treatment of Ciguatera

Technology's description

Ciguatera is an important intoxication linked to the consumption of seafood.

It concerns about 400 million people living in endemic areas, mainly the subtropical Pacific. An estimated 100,000 people are poisoned each year.

Scientists from the IRD and their colleagues at the Louis Malardé Institute in French Polynesia have elucidated the mechanisms of this disease. Tests have been developed in the laboratory to detect, among a hundred candidate medicinal plants, those that actually possess active molecules.

Their work led to the deposit by the IRD of a patent for a detoxifying molecule: rosmarinic acid.

A scientific adventure combining ethnopharmacology with molecular biology, tradition with modernity.


  • Treatment not only of symptoms but also of the causes of Ciguatera
  • Devlopment from initial chemical structure derivatives having a strengthened detoxifying power, while maintening its safety
Ref : OT-00041

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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