Technology offer : Innovative tool for mitigating human-elephant conflicts.

Technology's description

Human wildlife conflicts are generally defined as "any interaction between mankind and wildlife inducing negative effects on the social, economic and cultural communities and the conservation of wildlife and its environment "(IUCN).

Nowadays various causes contributes to increase human-wildlife conflict (population growth, inappropriate agricultural practices, elimination of traditional use rights of the wild resource etc ...).

EL@OUT is a set of tools for mitigating human being-elephant conflicts. The propeller (with manual or automatic triggering) tools are simple, safe, effective, using local resources and inexpensive.

Original principle: the dispenser launches a ping-pong ball filled with chili oil extract at the elephants.Unsettled first by the noise,then by the impact of the ball, and finally by the explosive smell of the chili mixture, the elephants (which have ultra sensitive trunks) will turn away.


The full kit is already industrialized and ready to be sold.

Three repellent effects are combined :

  • The warning of elephant by the noise (110dB)
  • The impact of the projectile (16J)
  • The release of the chili oil


The use of the complete kit helps to preserve life, property and create a psychological barrier that gradually condition the elephants.

Ref : OT-00055

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Kit including an automatic triggering propeller and a user guide.

Intellectual property

  • This technology is protected by a patent

Technology transfer

  • Know-how
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