Technology offer : Bioproduction of Hydrosulfuric Acid and its use in heavy metals water treatment

Technology's description

The separation of heavy metals in effluents can be achieved by the precipitation of metals in the form of metal sulphides. This treatment converts the soluble metal compounds in the effluent into insoluble sulphides that can be removed by simple decantation. However the expensive processes in current use are unsatisfactory with regards to safety standards (produce large amounts of hydrogen sulphide) and current environmental standards.

The new process solution IRD proposes consists of producing soluble hydrosulphuric acid at a very high yield (90‐100%) with the help of alkaliphile sulphate reducing bacteria (from the Desulfohalobiaceae family or the Desulfonatronum group) grown in optimal conditions (pH>9.5). The hydrosulphuric acid thus produced is then used for the treatment of the effluents containing the heavy metals so avoiding the undesirable presence of gaseous hydrogen sulphide, toxic for personnel and harmful to the industrial installations.


  • Low cost process This is a high performance technology where the price of reagents needed is far lower than those of similar technologies  
  • Safety This process will provide higher safety levels than other methods currently employed
Ref : OT-00057

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Bioprocessing : hydrosulphuric acid Depollution Process : Depollution of effluents especially those containing heavy metals

Intellectual property

  • This technology is patented

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
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