Technology offer : FRAMBOISINE, a Single-board Computer cluster

Technology's description

The Framboisine is aimed at providing low-cost solution for cluster computing for Southern Countries as well as portable solutions for bioinformatics training. In that respect, we tested and validated solutions based on Single-Board Computers, such as the RaspBerry Pi, working on ARM processors.

The idea is to combine such SBC to obtain 2000€ clusters comprising a master node and 10 slaves, as well as storage and networking. Three prototypes exist (using Rpi, CubieTruck and OlinuXino-A20Lime2) and are deployed to Southern partners for in situ validations.

Mini-cluster assembly methodology could be developped with other types of card including 64bits processors cards. This technology could be used in various scientific program such as ecology, genomic, astronomy etc..


  • Attractive cost - A low cost solution (less than 2000€ for a 10 nodes cluster)
  • No Internet access needed
  • A low power supply needed ( 5V for each card)
  • High Resistance to humidity and heat
  • Cards can be easily replaced, added or purchased via the Internet
  • LegoTechnic chassis : no tools required
  • Low energetic consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • A turnkey solution (a specific installation documentation to build a mini-cluster according to their needs)
Ref : OT-00061

Area of activity : INFORMATION

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Industrial applications

  • Research/Formation/Teaching/parallel computations/bioinformatics

Intellectual property

  • In progress

Technology transfer

  • Know-how


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