Technology offer : SCAF: System for the characterization of aggregates and flocs in highly concentrated rivers.

Technology's description

The study of suspended sediments is a very useful data in many fields. They are few laboratory methods for this kind of measurement, but currently there is no automatic method adapted to measure the speed of sedimentation in intermittent and highly concentrated flow (more than 2 g/L).

The research team developed the SCAF, an innovative instrument dedicated to the monitoring of suspended sediment properties like settling velocity, particle size and flocculation factor.
This tool has been designed for direct measure in stream, in order to avoid the transport of samples to the laboratory. The SCAF is able to manage measurement in stream with a sediment concentration of 0,2g/L to 50 g/L.
This tool is useful in various domains like hydroelectricity (dam management), water surveillance agency and sanitary sewer (silting up of canalization). Data analysis of SCAF measures can also give information on water pollution.
This innovative tool use emitter and receiver in infra-red linked to an electronic analyzer device.

The SCAF has been adapted in different model:

  • A manual configuration for a direct sampling by an operator
  • An automatic configuration, specifically adapted to automatic water sampler, allowing sampling and analysis without operator.

We are currently looking for industries interested in a collaboration.


  • High scale of measurement from 0.2 g/L to 50 g/L
  • Adapted to automatic water sampler
  • Designed for field use
Ref : OT-00064

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Monitoring suspended sediment properties like settling velocity, particle size and flocculation factor. For hydroelectricity installations, water surveillance agency and sanitary sewer.

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