Technology offer : Device for measuring basal stresses of a granular flow

Technology's description

Granular flows are frequent phenomenom in nature and in industries. They can represent major hazards for populations and infrastructures. A better understanding of granular flow behavior is important to a good management of natural risks as well as to efficient industrial processes.


To measure basal stresses generated by granular flows is very important because the intensity of the stresses controls the energy dissipation, the speed of the flow as well as its distance. The sub substrate abrasion can also be affected. Therefore it is an important aspect that need to rigorously be considered in order to implement accurate numerical simulations of flows.

The device proposes laboratory measurements of both basal and tangential forces in order to determine a friction factor. Such an invention hasn't been made before. The device also uses new generation sensors that allow the users to get 3D measurements of forces.

The invention is using an inclined and adjustable flow plate showing a measurement opening and sensors on the surface to measure synchronously at least one of the transversse and/or longitudinal components of the force. Particles are being released by an adjustable flow tank.


  • Cost effective
  • New type of measurements
  • Can be used with very small particles
  • Incline can be precisely adjusted
Ref : OT-00066

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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