Technology offer : Essential oil of lemon rind as a growth promoter in poultry industry

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Growth promoters and antibiotics are used in poultry farming to reach production targets.

Overuse of antibiotics in the medium and long-term leads to bacteria resistance which infects chickens and could be transmitted to final consumers.

To respond to this health issue, poultry industrie has to find a natural solution to reduce the use of antibiotics.

As an alternative solution for antibiotics, IRD research team, a Peruvian university and a private poultry group in South America have developped a method which incorporates the essential oil lemon extracts in poultry feed.


  • Reduction of antibiotic use
  • A natural growth promoter as an alternative to the antibiotics growth promoters
  • Reduction of chickens mortality
  • Improved appetite
Ref : OT-00069

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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