Technology offer : Viral load quantification of all HIV-1 groups by RT-qPCR.

Technology's description

An estimated 18 million people were receiving antiretroviral therapy in 2016 (WHO), mostly in Africa. Viral load monitoring in HIV-positive patients is essential for adequate treatment.

The high genetic diversity of HIV-1 is a major challenge for the development of new, efficient and sensitive viral load assays. The main limit of commercialized tests is that they were not designed to detect all circulating HIV-1 variants, especially in West Africa.

In order to overcome these drawbacks the inventors designed a new RT-qPCR assay which detects and quantifies all HIV-1 circulating variant (group M, N, O and P) and their precursors SIVcpz/SIVgor with a high specificity. Primers and probe using an alignment of sequences from various HIV-1 have been designed.

The technology thus allows quantification and detection of all HIV-1 variants and their simian precursors.


  • Detect and quantify all HIV-1 groups and those potentially emerging.
  • Useful in areas of high HIV diversity and at risk for emergence of new HIV variants.
  • Improve monitoring and care of HIV-1 infected patient.
Ref : OT-00007

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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Industrial applications

  • Generic kit for viral load quantification of HIV-1

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