Technology offer : Satellite monitoring of irrigated areas

Technology's description

The SATIRR software, "SATellite for IRRigation scheduling",  is designed to produce maps of evapotranspiration and hydrological balance of large surfaces, using satellite images.

The goal is to provide farmers with relevant informations and calculations in order to make decisions regarding irrigation along the farming season. With a minimum of information needed, only 5 parameters are needed: location, type of farming, soil, irrigation method, and date of seedling.

The server is completing the setup for the farming season with daily updates on weather, weather forecast and satellite datas. The software will then calculate the water consumption and irrigation volume needed, using high resolution and high repetitivity satellite images.

SATIRR offers a crucial source of information for water management, especially in areas where the information is hardly accessible. 


  • Simple and efficient on large areas
  • Real-time Management and forecasting in water management
  • Synoptic and periodic view of the location and farming development
  • Fully adaptable to emerging markets
Ref : OT-00071

Area of activity : INFORMATION

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Industrial applications

  • Irrigated area management

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  • Open Source

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