Technology offer : Alsinol: New compound against malaria and babesiosis

Technology's description

According to the World Health Organization, malaria is endemic in 97 countries, affecting more than 200 million people and killing approximately 600 000 people every year.

Babesiosis is a malaria-like parasitic disease affecting domestic animal (bovine, equine and canine babesiosis) causing severe haemolytic anaemia leading to the death of infected animals.
At economical level, it is one of the most important arthropod-borne diseases of cattle worldwide. For farmer, babesiosis cause important economic loss due to mortality, ill-thrift, abortions, loss of milk and meat production.

Recently a bio-guided drug design on a specific target (plasmepsine) lead to  the discovery of Alsinol a member of the aryl amino alcohol family with interesting activity against Plasmodium and Babesia.

Alsinol activity:
(F32: chloroquine resistant)          in vitro IC50: 0,5M
P.berghei,                                                          in vivo ED 50: 25 mg/kg
Babesia divergens,                                            in vitro EC50: 2,5 M


  • Chemical synthesis in 4 steps

  • Activity against human and animal parasites

  • Potential activity against HIV (same target)
Ref : OT-00072

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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Industrial applications

  • Human Therapeutics (malaria) Animal Therapeutics (Babesiosis)

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