Technology offer : Biodiesel production from vegetal oils

Technology's description

The proposed technology can produce, in an easy and efficient way, Ethyl Esther Biodiesel from vegetal oil (oil of Jatropha Curcas seeds), ethanol and a natural catalyst (from shea nuts shell or other local biomass) specifically designed for the purpose of this process. Other vegetal oils can be used such as cotton oil and sunflower oil.

On the one hand, this process is using ethanol as a reactive phase: ethanol can be obtained from distillation of many kinds of sugar and starch contained in the biomass. Methanol is oftentimes used instead of ethanol, in spite of possible import costs and higher greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE). Ethanol is offering replacement benefits!

On the other hand, this same process is using an innovative catalyst, similar to an activated carbon material, prepared from shea nuts shell and then calcinated to form a potash based carbon like material.

The raw materials derived from the local biomass will allow independence both in terms of energy production and raw material supply. The feedstocks production is offering the potential for a sustainable economy as well as offering additional revenue for the farmers.


  • Making the best use products of local biomass based materials: vegetal oil, alcohol and shea nuts shell.
  • The farming of the feedstock's has the potential to create a sustainable local economy and additional revenue for the farmers.
  • Total independance in energetic and raw material supply.
  • The biodiesel can be used in most diesel engines without modifications.
  • Use of ethanol instead of methanol: non-toxic,easy to produce locally.
  • Chemical reaction is fast, easy to implement, enhanced by the natural catalyst (shea nuts shell).
  • Jatropha Curcas (non-edible) oil is one of the best candidate for biofuel production. 
Ref : OT-00076


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Industrial applications

  • Biodiesel production for local use

Intellectual property

  • CIRAD (France) + 2IE (Burkina Faso)

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