Technology offer : Solar air-conditionning

Technology's description

DACSOL’s technology is based on a solid-gas thermochemical reaction that stores directly the thermal energy from the sun in order to transform it for cooling purposes. DACSOL system is the first completely autonomous (off-the-grid) solar-based air conditioning solution on the market.

The identified applications are in the Telecommunications, health and food industries.

TELECOM applications :

Around the world, telecommunication needs are quickly growing, requiring more powerful relay masts. These relays need to be constantly cooled in order to run properly: this is mostly done by diesel generators, which have many disadvantages such as pollution emission, high maintenance requirements (with complicated logistics), noise as well as a high consumption of fuel (major part of the cost). 

HEALTH and FOOD applications :

In particular in the remote areas (off-grid), the preservation at low and constant temperatures of vaccines and food is a big challenge. So far, there is no such efficient & trustworthy technology. In the case of food preservation, from farmers to retailers, this technology is offering the possibility of additional revenue (waste reduction).


  • Entirely autonomous, off-grid and self-regulated system,
  • Ideal for remote and warm locations,
  • Field-proven : steady performances over time. Highly reliable with little maintenance, no bateries & no moving parts (except a few valves),
  • Operations: very low operations costs, no consumables, totally silent, 
  • No loss of power with temperature variations, unlike air conditioning units,
  • Environmental friendly: materials used are natural and easily recyclable, no release of polluting gases, no impact on global warming.
  • Reduces perishable food waste and/or eliminate fuel consumption of diesel generators.
Ref : OT-00077


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Industrial applications

  • Production and storage of cold for: food preservation (farmers & retailers) telecom shelters. Vaccines preservation

Intellectual property

  • Technology patented

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
  • Know-how
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