Technology offer : Pest exclusion nets Econet, a cost-effective and eco-friendly protection of vegetable crops in Africa

Technology's description

The intensive and uncontrolled use of insecticides in African peri-urban horticultural crops leads to the development of resistance in insects. Plus, it involves environment and health hazards for producers and consumers.

Very easy to use, pest exclusion nets “Econet” on tomato and cabbage crops decrease 70% to 100% of treatments, reduce crop losses and improve vegetables marketability. Moreover, this technology is compatible with the use of biocides and insect traps. Effective protection against large insect pests, pest exclusion nets “Econet” also improve the crop development and reduce climate variation. Yields may be doubled and net margins tripled, compared to the conventional farming using chemical pesticides.

As an integrated agro-ecological approach, pest exclusion nets “Econet” comes with a scientific expertise: adaptation of nets to sub-Saharan or Mediterranean climate and to the type of crop and pest, possibility of combination with crop rotation, micro-irrigation and other ecological techniques advantaged in confined spaces (biopesticides, trap plants, repellent plants).

Pest exclusion nets “Econet” are eco-friendly and sustainable. It addresses the double issue of providing healthy fruits and vegetables to the expanding urban African population as well as improving income and working conditions of small farmers. 


  • Reduction of infestation by pests
  • Reduction of health and environment hazard caused by insecticide use
  • Reduction of crop losses and improvement of marketability
  • Increase of yields and net margins
  • Specially adapted technology to small-scale vegetable production and family farming
  • Expertise for adaptation of the technology to the climate and to the type of crop and pest
  • Agro-ecological innovation vector
Ref : OT-00082

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Small-scale vegetables production in Mediterranean and tropical areas

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  • Know-how, technical assistance

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