Technology offer : Identify and track multiple emitting whales in real time by using passive acoustics

Technology's description

Detecting and tracking cetaceans helps to limit impact of human activities and to assess benefits of protected areas.

However, detection methods using active sonar disrupt cetaceans and their environment. Plus, no passive method to detect in real time on a simple computer several click emitting sources currently exists. Watching whales during their emersion remains an approximate method for counting whales.

Our process includes fixed or mobile hydrophones and data treatment using algorithms. It ensures real time detection, localization, determination of the trajectory and identification of each member of a marine mammals group. Analysis of noises from whales provides information about the group, age and gender of subjects, language and behavioral interactions. 


  • Respects the marine mammals and their environment by using a passive hydrophone
  • Simultaneously analyzes several sources (several whales and/or echoes)
  • Real time detection
  • Requires low cost computer hardware to work
  • Robust to ocean noise and multiples echoes
  • Works on large observation zone (hundreds meter below the surface, over a several square kilometers area)
  • Very precise
Ref : OT-00083

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Collision avoidance and surveillance of sensitive areas: merchant marine, navy, fishing industry, oil exploration, aquaculture; Whale watching for scientific or touristic purpose; Management and protection of marine environment

Intellectual property

  • Patented technology

Technology transfer

  • Know-how
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Jean-François BIELA
Business developer
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