Technology offer : Counting parasite density device in malaria epidemiology

Technology's description

The "thick film" is the gold standard for malaria diagnosis and measures the parasite density in people infected. Just a drop of blood from the fingertip, deposited on a glass slide. A simple technique to implement, but difficult to read. All eyes on the eyepiece of the microscope, a technician must scroll blade while pressing a mechanical counter for each parasite and each white blood cell count time spent identified. Count the parasites on a whole blade can take several days!

Moreover, the microscopist is limited to a few fields; abundance of parasites is then extrapolated for the entire sample, assuming that there Plasmodium are evenly distributed, which is false (parasitic form clusters in places, the results are tainted error).

To improve this technique, it has been developed distribution modèles reproducing the distribution of parasites on the blade and made an electronic meter that would reflect this distribution.                

The device therefore detects the movement of the slide under the microscope - a longer scrolling between two pressures manipulator indicating a change fields observed. With an integrated mathematical model, parasite density is well known more reliably.


  • Speed of reading
  • Enhanced information
  • Reliable results Electronic storage
  • Ergonomics for the microscopist
  • Adaptive protocols
Ref : OT-00085

Area of activity : HEALTH COSMETOLOGY

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