Technology offer : Bioethanol production from biodegradable organic waste, using the heat produce during waste treatment

Technology's description

The production of 2nd and 3rd generation biofuel is still limited. Accordingly, biofuels made from organic waste readily available at negative cost are appealing.The innovative process described below can be integrated into existing AD (Anaerobic Digestion)) waste treatment units. 
  • Waste is placed in an anaerobic reactor with humidity levels above 60% - pH is monitored - The temperature is regulated, if necessary - Fermentation is interrupted; partially fermented liquid and solids are separated before a threshold value of pH - Liquid and/or gaseous fractions containing ethanol are recovered.
  • Bioethanol is concentrated and/or separated using distillation, pervaporation or gas stripping. 

This innovative process includes:

  • An initial anaerobic fermentation reactor to immerse or spray waste and percolate water (several existing methods can be used), equipped with a liquid outlet (lixiviate) and/or an outlet for the gas produced during fermentation.
  • A second anaerobic digester type reactor, incinerator or storage facility to receive the solid waste. This second reactor is used to produce the energy needed for the “Temperature Regulation” and/or “Ethanol Concentration and/or Separation” stages.


Simple and hardy procedure (no pretreatment, no yeasts or enzyme required)

Can be integrated into existing waste processing industry: use of heat energy produced by biogas valorization or waste incineration for bioethanol production

Very competitive production costs (existing industry, no onerous pretreatment, abundant organic waste at negative costs)

Environment: contributes to decreasing greenhouse gasses

Ref : OT-00088

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Waste processing / treatment Biofuel production

Intellectual property

  • Patented technology PCT/FR2014/050059 Method for producing ethanol from organic waste and facility for implementing said method

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
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