Technology offer : Programming language designed for modelisation and simulation of spatial & lands dynamics

Technology's description

Ocelet is the result og many years of research, thinking process and patience, in order to come up with methods and knowledges on the "global spatial information value chain".

It allows the integration of several forms of spatial representations within a single model for the simulation of spatial synamics scenarios, specifically landscape evolution or environmental issues.

Ocelet offers a way to work on many spatial scales, to integrate several forms of geographic informations, and to produce dynamic maps showing phenomenom evolutions:

- Can integrate several influence factors

- Particularly fits a management support model

- Allows the evaluation of multiple development scenarios

- New stable and accurate version, avalaible on


  • Can fit existing modelization projects
  • Development and customisation support avalaible
  • Training catalog avalaible
Ref : OT-00089

Area of activity : INFORMATION

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