Technology offer : Anti-pollution mushroom kit

Technology's description

Mycoremediation is a form of bioremediation, the process of using fungi to degrade or sequester contaminats in the environment. Considering the increasing regulations regarding soil treatment and bio methods, fungus are being watched closely as an effective way to treat contaminated supports.

CIRAD researchers put together a collection of mushrooms dedicated to treat contaminated wood with PCP or CCA like electrical poles, train rails supports, construction wood...

The objective is to create pollutant/fungus couple in order to get “natural anti-pollution kits” out of pure wood decay fungus strains and use it in the process of treatment of contaminated wood.


  • Eco friendly natural process
  • Fast treatment and important variety of fungus
  • Customisable process and expert savoir faire avalaible
Ref : OT-00090

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Environnement, bioremediation

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