Technology offer : Hymenet is a soil moisture sensor providing reliable water content
and salinity measures

Technology's description

Water and fertilizers are major stakes for agriculture nowadays. Soil moisture sensors are essential to monitor water content in soils since they are useful to control irrigation in a sustainable way. But current commercial devices tend to provide unreliable measures for soils that contain high quantities of ions due to the nature of the substrate (clay, turf) or the fertilizers poured on the soil.

The Hymenet probe is an adaptation of a scientific probe used in the EQUIPEX project CRITEX whose purpose is to study the chemical, physical, and biologic processes that shape the Earth’s surface. The Hymenet probe reliability comes from the fact that its digital signal processing algorithms are fed with direct measures of soil physical characteristics (permittivity, conductivity), whereas commercial probes usually make indirect estimations of those parameters. 


  • Reliable
  • Large volume of soil inspected
  • Exists in wireless version (battery + GPRS)
Ref : OT-00091

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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Industrial applications

  • Soil moisture sensor - Hygrometry - High conductivity substrates - Plant nurseries - Horticulture - Compost

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