Technology offer : Biodrying of waste, compost and agricultural material using heat recovered from the composting of waste and organic residues

Technology's description

The composting of waste or organic residues allows them to be reused not only as compost but also as a source of renewable energy, an alternative to costly and environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

Our invention can be applied to agronomically non-recyclable waste fractions to produce solid recovered fuel (SRF) at lower cost. The heat generated by the composting of a first batch of waste or organic residue is captured, and then used to simultaneously dry a second batch of waste, compost or digestate.

The invention is based on the quantification of the amount of heat released in outgoing gases in the form of sensible, and especially latent, heat (hot gas with a high water vapour content), and on the potential for 80 % of that heat to be recovered through condensation of the water vapour contained in the outgoing gases. It consists of a gas-gas exchange between the gas flow released during the composting of organic waste or residue and a second, low-humidity gas flow whose increased temperature and high flow rate will heat-dry a second batch of waste material.


  • Recycling of organic material and energy: simultaneous production of compost and solid recovered fuel (SRF) from agronomically nonrecyclable waste fractions
  • Recovery of the energy released during composting, heretofore lost into the atmosphere
  • Less costly SRF production
  • Cheaper drying of digestate before composting
  • Recovery of the heat used to dry the second batch of material has no impact on the composting process in the first batch of waste
  • Drying and even sanitisation of compost and digestate compost prior to application
Ref : OT-00093

Area of activity : ENVIRONMENT

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