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Technology's description

The cotton is a primary product of key importance for the global economy. In Africa, cotton production and exportation generate annual sales of 2 billion dollars each year and millions of jobs. The quality of cotton product is a major challenge for the competitiveness in the global market.

The natural fiber technology and characterization laboratory (TCL) assesses the quality of cotton from the cotton boll to the yarn, using a large set of tools, analysis software, and instruments for seed-cotton ginning and spinning.

The TCL offer services to assist the professionals of cotton industry: audits, studies, training, or assistance for quality management.

Finally, as reference lab since 1960, the TCL participates into standardization and normalization by conceiving original methods and instruments of analysis and establishing international reference material and quality standards.


  • Quantification of fiber and yarn contaminants: stickiness, seed coat fragments (processes and instruments conceived by CIRAD : thermodetectors SCT, H2SD)
  • Service on cotton and other natural fibers (silk, wool, milkweed…), pure or blended with synthetic fibers
  • Large set of analysis of cotton products (boll, seed, fiber, yarn)
  • World-renowned expertise in cotton technology
  • COFRAC accreditation
Ref : OT-00095

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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Industrial applications

  • Classification services, ginning plants, cotton trading firms, textile companies

Intellectual property

  • N/A (service offer)

Technology transfer

  • Know-how


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