Technology offer : Anti-clogging irrigation emitter designed for use with waste water or poor quality waters

Technology's description

 Reusing effluents in agricultural irrigation conserve and increase value of water resource, which is a major ecological challenge. Our innovative solution allows  to avoid clogging and therefore premature ageing of emitters.

Irrigation emitter allowing water reuse(including waste water) using an elastomeric membrane able to regulate the flow. This system enables large plots to be irrigated uniformly and the design allows the use of water with significant sediment size (up to 1mm particles).

The membrane controls the dispensing of water in the range 0.5 to 5 bars (20 to 500 kPa). The flow can be up to 150 l/h.

Its unique design allows the use of heavily contaminated waters: a preliminary filtration of rather coarse particles (1 mm) is all that is needed. Any particles that enter subsequently are discharged during operating cycles.


Reduced costs (installation, maintenance effort)

Coarse filtration of effluents is sufficient

No clogging (particles, biofilms or mineral precipitates)

Uniform distribution: reulated high-throughtput flow (up to 150l/h)

Short circuit emitter, very compact

Ref : OT-00096

Area of activity : AGRONOMY

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  • Irrigation Valorisation des eaux usées

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