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Technology's description

Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of coral reefs and associated ecosystems requires a concerted management effort. Education and awareness campaigns must be organized, especially among future generations. It is the purpose of the toolbox MARECO, which contains 3 educations supports for children aged from 5 to 11 years.

In the picture book “The colours of the Reef”, Polly, the coral polyp, takes the children with her to explore her living environment, the coral reef: its wealth, its fragility, the natural and man-made disturbances it undergoes, and its management.

In the Card Game “Coral Reef happy 7 families”, the animal and plant living beings that populate the Coral Reef are introduced to children in an entertaining way, in order to raise awareness of the biodiversity in coral reefs, especially the scientific classification (“families” are crustaceans, vertebrates…).

“See you at the Reef” is a cooperative board game which features different users of the Coral Reef (fishermen, tourists, seaside inhabitants and wardens of the marine protective area). They must cooperate and help each other in order to reach the central island without destroying it. The game objective is to highlight that discussion and collaboration between the various users are needed to efficiently manage the coral reef.  

The toolbox includes a “teacher‘s handbook” and providing training for the toolbox facilitators (teachers, associations). 


  • Providing training to facilitators 
  • Scientifically adapted to coral reef protection in Oceania, Indian Ocean, and coastal countries of Eastern Africa
  • Bilingual version (French, English)
  • The toolbox MARECO was distributed and tested in schools in several countries and French overseas territories
  • Conception by scientists, education specialists, and graphic designers
Ref : OT-00097

Area of activity : HUMAN SCIENCES

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Industrial applications

  • Beneficiaries : primary schools, associations of awareness to tropical marine environment, individuals (families)

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