Technology offer : Detect and track multiple sound sources in real time by using passive acoustics

Technology's description

Several active or passive methods to detect and track sound sources exist. Data collected by passive acoustics are analyzed using algorithm to treat arrival time differences to sensors.

However, these existing solutions do not detect the trajectory of a mobile source with fast moving speed or at low noise level. No solution exist either for detecting the trajectory of multiple sources with speed discrepancies between sources.

To address this technology lag, our passive acoustic method ensures:

  • Determination of the position and trajectory of mobile or fixed sources from multiples sound sensors
  • Determination of the number and the trajectory of multiples sound sources, even in group, by separating their simultaneous signals
  • Fast detection in real time and under dynamic strain, adjusting according to the nature and the speed of sources
  • Fine analysis of noise emissions


  • Higher reliability and precision compared to the state of art
  • Usable in any setting and on any sound signal
  • Robust to echoes
  • Easy implementation
  • Low cost
Ref : OT-00099

Area of activity : INFORMATION

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Industrial applications

  • All acoustic applications (underwater, terrestrial, industrial, military)

Intellectual property

  • Technology protected by two patents

Technology transfer

  • Co-development with licensing agreement
  • Know-how
  • License


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